Creation Is Groaning/Consider The Lilies

Kingfisher family

permission pending for image by Jackie Morris

We decided to name our Watershed Community 2023 Fall retreat Creation is Groaning/Consider the Lilies. We felt this was a way to capture both the sobering facts and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature in these times. Staying at Falcon Trails Resort, a beautiful eco-friendly resort in the middle of Manitoba's boreal forest, was a full-sense reminder of our inter-connectedness with Creation. For us, like so many people, climate change is painfully real. The challenge for this community of Jesus followers was to start to find a framework to articulate our thoughts to God and to find the theological and liturgical language that could ground us in our future steps. We had already begun the conversation a few weeks earlier with a homily that explored climate change through Romans 8. Our hope for this retreat was to continue that conversation and to explore more deeply how to relate to all of God's creation in an intentional way. To share our laments and joys.


Our main source of inspiration came from two books: Refugia Faith by Debra Rienstra and Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Debra's book gave us a framework for how to understand faith in our current time of extreme disturbance. Robin's book showed us how storytelling could be the vehicle to express our responses… (Read More)


Wisdom advises that the best compass for navigating what is happening with creation today is grief and love. Learning to see what is happening, what is hurting, and learning to be guided by our love of this earth which is part of God's goodness. So we came up with two exercises to help us articulate our grief and our love… (Read More)


There is something about music that connects us to the transcendent. And there is something about singing together that connects us to each other. So for Saturday evening we picked some of our favorite "hymns"… (Read More)