Retreat 2023 Songs

Tree Rings

image by Penny Kovacs

There is something about music that connects us to the transcendent. And there is something about singing together that connects us to each other. So for Saturday evening we picked some of our favorite "hymns" and threaded them with the symbols of love and attention that had found people in the afternoon. The sadness of Friday's lament was a counterpoint to the sense of joy we felt at being in a beautiful place with each other and offering our breath in words and songs to our Creator.

Here are the songs we sang:

  • Paradise by John Prine
  • Lord of the Starfields by Bruce Cockburn
  • 40 Years in the Wilderness by Bruce Cockburn
  • Free (Not Afraid to Die) by Drew Holcomb and the Neighbours
  • Blackbird by the Beatles
  • Garden by Matt Maher
  • Red-Winged Blackbird by David Francey
  • When the Spirit Walks in the Room by Bruce Cockburn
  • Let Evening Come based on a poem by Jane Kenyon