Want to Dive Deeper?

Our website is teeming with resources gathered over the years. If you’d like to explore further exactly what our non-traditional faith community is all about, check out the links below. Happy wandering!


Welcome to the blogs section of our website! These blogs are a consolidation of some of the “deep dive” courses we’ve done in the past few years - on the New Testament books of Philippians and Revelation, and on Sean Gladding’s book The Story of God, the Story of Us. As you find your way through life’s complexities and challenges, perhaps they will resource you as they have us.

Isaiah: Coming Home

The book of Isaiah contains within it the whole, unified biblical drama: orientation, disorientation, reorientation. It captured audacious hope for its Jewish audiences and formed the identity and mission of Jesus. Christian writers have called it the Fifth Gospel. Follow along with us as we explore Isaiah 40-66 in the coming months, finding our way home.
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Does Philippians have anything to say about unity to our deeply divided 21st century world? Can joy find a way even in suffering and adversity? Writing from prison, the apostle Paul says yes! (Read More)


n 2015, Watershed Community undertook an in-depth study of the book of Revelation. Despite its reputation as possibly the strangest and most misinterpreted book of the Bible, we found it to be hopeful and relevant.(Read More)

Story of God

If you’ve read a book like the Bible your whole life, overfamiliarity can sometimes cause eyes to glaze over. Exploring Sean Gladding’s book together helped us re-enter the stories in a fresh way. (Read More)