Want to Dive Deeper?

Our website is teeming with resources gathered over the years. If you’d like to explore further exactly what our non-traditional faith community is all about, check out the links below. Happy wandering!


In Watershed Community, we love Spirit and movies, so it only makes sense to try expressing our vision and learning through video. We invite you to view the following short films which were created as visual reflections from our life together.

Who is Watershed?

Who is Watershed and where do we live? This video gives a glimpse into our life together and what gives us joy. (See More)

What is happiness? What makes you happy? How do you get it?

During our study of Stoicism in 2008, several Watershedians visited downtown Winnipeg to discover what people on the street thought of happiness. What is it? What makes you happy? How do you get it? What are the obstacles? The responses may surprise you! (Coming Soon)

The Lord's Prayer imagined through illustration
The Lord's Prayer

View an illustrated story depicting the significance of the Lord's Prayer in our lives. (Coming Soon)