• Downtown Winnipeg

Peripheral Vision

Sometimes the best way to look at complex issues is the sidelong gaze, out of the corner of your eye. Sometimes a poem is the only way to express an immense sorrow, a desire for healing or the agony of the daily news. Sometimes reading poetry gets us in touch with our deeper selves.

Between Two Bridges

Seeing evocative graffiti in our city, Wade is moved to express both his sorrow and compassion for a national tragedy. (Read More)

Doubt And Faith

What if faith and doubt are not enemies, but partners, helping us navigate the winding road of life? (Read More)

The Unknown

Arthur ponders how an unknown future is daunting but also evocative of what we truly value. (Read More)


War is so endemic throughout history it seems like there's no other way. Arthur asks whether we are missing the obvious? (Read More)