Our Life Together

When it comes to community life, there’s a saying we repeat often; “Standing alone together.” Though it seems like an unlikely riddle, it has proven to be a good blueprint for health. It brings to mind trees on a riverbank, sharing the same root systems and drawing on the same sources of sustenance, while also necessarily standing alone, each tree unique. The image implies deep camaraderie together while also following God alone in prayer. To stress one aspect above the other in our life together is bound to create problems. Whether together or alone, our desire is to abide in God, as Jesus did, a band of brothers and sisters united in hope.

Some of us have heard a call to be disciples together in this community. Others of us are exploring our spirituality as friends of Watershed. If you'd like to know more about our yearly covenanting, read our Covenant Brochure.

Come and See

Take a glimpse into one of our bible studies, where we seek to deepen our understanding of the Christian tradition and encourage our faith. If you want to know more about these evenings, visit the Wednesday Night Bible Study page.

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Back Row (left to right): Verda Heinrichs, Eldon Heinrichs, Marilyn Heidebrecht, Phil Hay, Paul Patterson, Bev Patterson, Marty Enzlberger
Front Row: Jen Nicholson, Wade Kovacs, Linda Tiessen-Wiebe, Penny Kovacs, Brenna Bacchus, Lydia Penner, Lyle Penner, Cal Wiebe

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