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Talking About TV

When streaming services came onto the scene, they offered TV viewers a cheaper option to cable. The challenge was to offer comparable content. As the appetite for streaming grew, show runners started to realize that long form series was a good vehicle to tell a story in. Breaking out of the 1.5 hour shackles allowed more character and plot development, and a plethora of new shows began to emerge. In some ways it was a 21st century equivalent of the 19th century serialized novel. And indeed long form TV is a growing career option for writers. Movie discussion groups have thrived on discussing themes, characters and plots. Why not some of the new shows like The Man Who Fell To Earth?

When it first came out in 2022, The Man Who Fell To Earth received less-than-deserved attention, people thinking it was a remake of the 1976 David Bowie film. But as word got out that the show is actually a sequel, it started to gather a following. Not only is it beautiful and witty, it allows us to look at some of the haunting challenges facing our time such as refugees, immigrants, upheaval, climate change. And it's got great music! The show explores what makes us alien to each other and what makes us human. Through relationships of all kinds, from manipulation to collaboration to love in the fullest sense, it sounds all the notes of our times today. Smug tech companies, desperate scientists, creative children, aging parents, big government, big oil, the dark web. Can we find what we need to go into the future? Heart-rending tensions between cynicism and hope suggest that with good storytelling like this, we might be able to find our way.

I hope you can join us in exploring this engaging new-ish medium and this timely show.

How It Works

We will meet on Zoom every other Saturday night, 7:00-9:00 pm (CST), starting April 20, 2024, for 10 sessions. We'll start watching at 7:00pm; the discussion will start at 8:00pm. You can always join us at 8:00pm if you want to watch on your own (available on Apple TV and Crave). You can join as many episodes as you like. During the week of a session, an episode page will be updated with reviews, trailers, podcasts and more. Discussion questions will be posted the night before the session. People who sign up will receive the Zoom link the night before and can post comments. See the Show Page for more details.

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