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New articles are being added regularly, but you’re invited to check out previous articles posted. In some way or other, each posting has been a source of hope and guidance in our community over the years. Whether it’s a homily, book response or article, maybe something will catch your eye.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This is not your ordinary Advent homily. The weeks leading to Christmas usually bring to mind glowing candles and festive garlands, but the words of Matthew 24 hit us like a rock. In a year that saw climate change dominate the headlines, the first century warnings grab our attention and seem ominously timely for us in 2019. Can God be with us when all hope seems to be lost? You're invited to read this seasonable homily to help you imagine an end to the darkness that too often dominates our world. (Read More)

Sponging The Stone

A Christmas Carol, perhaps Charles Dickens’ most famous novel, was first published over 175 years ago. By now it is so familiar that we sometimes tune out its deeper lessons. But as Paul Patterson reminds us in this article, this story yearns to become our story. Can the healing of Scrooge’s memory, vocation and deepest values be recreated in our own lives? If we take a deeper look, perhaps we can be reborn along with Scrooge. (Read More)

Keep My Memory Green

Not even the happiest childhood is unmarked by some kind of trauma. We are all in need of healing. But what happens when all we want to do is numb ourselves and forget the pain? Read what can happen when we bravely choose to remember and open ourselves to another way. (Read More)

The Popcorn Man

As a child, most of us were probably asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. It's not surprising that as adults our self-worth is often caught up in “what we do”. Work as an answer for human indignity seems praiseworthy, but its shadow side leads to dead ends as we use it to search for approval. We invite you to consider what the popcorn man has to say about our identities and being at peace in our world. (Read More)

Will All Be Well?

Over 600 years ago, Julian of Norwich penned the famous words, “All will be well.” Burdened by a complex and broken world, our 21st century minds and hearts may cynically ask, “Really Julian?” Can her vision be anything deeper than a simplistic slogan? Will all truly be well? (Read More)

Land of the Living

In a well-known scripture, the Apostle Paul invites Timothy to “join with him in the suffering of the Gospel”. What exactly does this mean for 21st century followers of Jesus? Is there anything good that can come from suffering? Read as Eldon Heinrichs shares a story and reflects on today’s passage, in this homily called “Land of the Living”. (Read More)

Memento Mori

“Momento Mori” is a Latin phrase which means “Remember your death.” It’s an apt phrase during Lent, when Jesus “set his face to Jerusalem”, the place of his death. The point of this reminder isn’t to be morbid or promote fear, but to inspire, motivate and clarify. The more we remember that we are mortal, the more we become aware of the need to live our lives well, for life is precious. Read this Lenten homily to remember not just your death, but how in God’s new creation, death is never the end. (Read More)