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Winter 2002 - image of crucified Christ over Da Vinci's manIntroduction: The problem with Christianity...


Who Do You Say I Am? A Modern Answer to an Ancient QuestionArthur Paul Patterson (Spirituality)

Applying Ken Wilber’s Integral philosophy to the study of the life of Jesus, Arthur Paul Patterson suggests some new ways to answer the question “Who Jesus is?” - objectively, culturally and subjectively.

Jesus’ Humanity at the Movies
– Lyle Penner (Community)

Lyle Penner chronicles various cinematic depictions of the life of Jesus Christ, drawing our eyes to shifting images - from naïve, romantic portraits to gutsy modern interpretations of Jesus of Nazareth. What accounts for a filmmaker’s vision of Jesus?

A Response to Jesus Christ Superstar – Linda Tiessen Wiebe (Community)

We all love the limelight or even to stand in the hue of reflected glory. Jesus Christ Superstar reveals the dangers of egocentrism and the softening effects of suffering humility. Radical and iconoclastic in the sixties, yet surprisingly relevant to a deeper spirituality in 2002, this film is reviewed by Linda Tiessen Wiebe.

A Response to The Last Temptation of Christ - Lorna Derksen (Literature)

The struggle between flesh and spirit painfully presented in Nikos Kazantzakis’ The Last Temptation of Christ places the life of Jesus at the apex of every person’s struggle with their spiritual vocation. What is our greatest temptation and how is it overcome?

A Response to Jim Crace's Quarantine – Arthur Paul Patterson (Literature)

The strange account of a madcap bunch of desert tramps places a prophet from Nazareth called Gally on the edge of a story by Jim Crace. Arthur Paul Patterson reviews this book and its novel take on the miracles of grace.

Watershed Book Picks for 2001 – Watershed Book Cafe

After reading our comments on books that mattered to us in 2001, join the discussion by placing your best of 2001 on our messageboard.


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