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On Earth As In Heaven

Winter 2006 Edition

During Watershed Community's 2005 Fall Retreat we focused on the Lord's Prayer, discovering that this common prayer invites us to a deep faith in God's sovereignty.

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Well sure, hunkered down in our cozy middle-class existence it's not hard to acknowledge God's accompanying presence. But what about when we lift our eyes even slightly to see the pained lives of our inner city neighbours? Or bring our gaze to the isolating fears in our own souls? What about in the middle of a devastating storm? Where is God when we fear the decline of our physical health? When the most horrible of offences is committed against humanity? How can God be present when he seems so obviously absent? In this edition we seek to learn about trust in both the commonplace and the unlikeliest of places.

Arthur Paul Patterson discusses the theology of Richard Niebuhr and his faith in God despite the relativity of life. Arthur Paul Patterson also reexamines the healing power of kindness, and learns about the depth of trust in the middle of a storm. In two vignettes, set in her basement and in the woods, Lydia Penner abandons her hopes for physical cures to learn about healing, and discovers an 18th century lesson on trust while chopping firewood. Linda Tiessen Wiebe reviews The Sparrow, a science fiction novel that explores the loss of and return to faith in light of Niebuhr's view of God as Void, Enemy and Friend.

Join us as we ask what it means to deepen our trust in God and pray with the disciples, On Earth as in Heaven.

An Introduction to Niebuhr explores Richard Niebuhr's theology.

Journey Into Culture explores Niebuhr's Theocentric Relativism.

On Kindness invites us to trust this kindred virtue.

A Storm of a Different Sort considers the trust inspired by Luke 8.

The Basement takes a second look at plans for cleaning up our lives.

The Crook in the Lot helps us to see that all is well, just as it is.

We Meant It For Evil reviews Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow.

Also In This Edition

  • Lydia Penner responds to Karen Armstrong's The Spiral Staircase.
  • Linda Tiessen Wiebe reviews the movie Crash.
  • Listen in on summary letters of our Christian Spirituality course in Study Nights.
  • Joel Penner, Erik Berg, Miles Ellis and Kelsey Heinrichs express their creativity in their new podcast website Musings of the Living.
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