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Engaging the World

Summer 2006 Edition

Most who recognize their identity as a child of God and aspire to follow the life of Christ in love would agree that such a life calls us, more than less, toward engagement with the world. But as Douglas John Hall articulates so well in The Cross in Our Context, in each of us, more likely than not, there is that which resists this cross-shaped call.

“We are inclined to create for ourselves spaces apart, havens of withdrawal; for we know all too well that unprotected exposure to the world – to our here and now – is never painless, even at the best of times.”

At Watershed, emerging from a life set apart, we’re now asking what it would mean for us to engage with the world. Listening for our call to serve God authentically, and seeking to learn from others, we have looked to both modern stories of vocation as reflected through current movies and the historically significant vocation of Martin Luther. Our responses to these movies and study of Luther’s theology are included in this edition. We also include reflections on our experiments in listening to God’s call and venturing out in the world through attending conferences, chaperoning students and participating in an Ignatian workshop.

Linda Tiessen Wiebe reviews Ponette, a movie in which a child's grappling with her mother’s death teaches us what it means to call on God and be heard; and Koyaanisqatsi, a movie that explores the covenantal relationship of absolute dependence on an intimate relationship with God.

Applying Luke's banquet parable to the movie The Bay of Love and Sorrows, Arthur Paul Patterson challenges our ideas of who is worthy to celebrate the kingdom.

In his response to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arthur Paul Patterson explores two paths: logic/development and love/forgiveness and their roles in our world's healing.

Bev Patterson’s response to The Chumscrubber challenges us to ask: Are we really listening to life; are we really alive?

In The Luther Diaries, Arthur Paul Patterson learns from Luther about the development of faith, how to interpret scripture and what is justification by faith.

Reflecting on a high school-sponsored trip to Quebec City, Lorna Derksen retraces the Journey of Service.

Lydia Penner shares Poems of the Everyday inspired by both Watershed’s worship experiences and course studies.

Also In This Edition

  • Our Literature Section highlights previous studies of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mary Shelley, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe and Dante.
  • Teen reader Joel Penner tackles Dickens' Oliver Twist and lives to tell about it.
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A weekend workshop on viewing movies through the lens of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises prompts Lyle Penner to deepen our favourite pastime.

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