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Nets Stylesheet

For Love of Wisdom

Spring 2005 Edition

At Watershed we're big on Wisdom. It's not necessarily that we are wise, but we love surrounding ourselves with words of Wisdom, almost as if they are as important as the air we breathe.

fisher folk painting

Our bookshelves are lined with spiritual writings; we're on listservs that post daily quotations from wisdom traditions; we seek advice from those who have more insight than we do. For years we have been seeking Wisdom through our studies of psychology, literature and spiritual classics.

When we began to return to our spiritual roots in the Christian tradition, we decided to check out the wisdom from which Jesus' life and message of love emerged: the wisdom literature of the Hebrew Scriptures. During that year of study we were amazed by the relevance that these ancient writings had for our contemporary lives. As we tried to listen to Wisdom calling to us in the street, we also sought to heed this ancient Egyptian advice: Give your ears, hear the sayings, give your heart to understand them. This edition of Watershed Online highlights our study of themes in wisdom literature.

This is what we heard and hope to understand in our hearts:

Attentiveness awakens wonder.

Discipline brings about devotion.

Fear of the Lord helps us find true north.

Gratitude leads to new life.

Honesty calls us to take up our cross.

Humility is the path toward love.

Our limitations of knowledge invite trust in God.

Mentorship asks us to take the less trodden path.

Poetry prepares us for a new vision of the world.

Silence invites an intimate connection with life.

Work, when linked with vision, can be the hope of the world.

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