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Wondrous Strange: A Charles Dickens Study - Winter 2004
editorial on Winter 2004 edition




• Inspired by Dickens’ The Haunted Man, Arthur Paul Patterson reflects on the importance of sapling-fresh memories in Keep My Memory Green.

• Arthur Paul Patterson’s Meditation on Courage applies Andre Comte-Sponville’s A Small Treatise on Great Virtues to the virtue of courage and how it can be lived out in the aftermath of 9/11.


Sponging the Stone by Arthur Paul Patterson brings the transformative power of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to life, showing how the reawakening of our memories, senses and values can lead to conversion.
• Arthur Paul Patterson responds to Joe Cusumano’s Transforming Scrooge, which views the familiar story of A Christmas Carol through the filter of modern spiritual experiences.
Deconstructing Scrooge by Lorna Derksen reviews Bruce Bueno Mesquita’s post-modern novel The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge.


• Linda Tiessen Wiebe’s movie review of No Such Thing explores the meaning of myths and fairy tales in this allegorical film.
• Karma Jampa Lhundup-Zebo (Craig Rodgers), a member of Watershed’s former community, shares his spiritual transformation through Process Work in My Peter Pan Adventures.
• In Traintalk, Arthur Paul Patterson describes the difference between tourism and pilgrimage using a recent trip to Kanuga, North Carolina as an illustration.
• Erik Berg invites us to see a Christmas day through the eyes of Dickens in his poem It Came Upon a Christmas Day.


• Erik Berg and his mom Bev Patterson exchange thoughts on the important role of reading in their lives.
• Arthur Paul Patterson recommends Peter Carey’s Jack Maggs, a novel based on Dickens’ Great Expectations.


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