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A Storied Universe
It is only recently that we as humans have become aware of the 13.7 billion year evolutionary process into which we were birthed. This awe-inspiring drama of the New Universe Story grabbed Watershedians' imaginations this past year as we read about, discussed and embodied the amazing evolution of existence from the primordial flaring forth to the emergence of human consciousness. Yet as we watched ourselves being captured by the fascinating history of the universe, we wondered how the new could fit with our familiar, sustaining stories. This Spring/Summer 2004 edition, A Storied Universe, is our attempt to understand and integrate the richness of earth's history with the depth of our Christian tradition.


In his annual retreat talk, Getting the Cosmic Story Straight, Arthur Paul Patterson clarifies the importance of granting dignity to all of the stories that inform our lives: the cosmic story, the perennial story and our personal stories.
• Cal Wiebe in A World Shaped by Promise is assisted by John Haught’s God After Darwin in understanding the accompanying role of God in the evolution of our universe.
• John Mabry discusses the prophetic insight of a great mystic and scientist in Cyberspace and the Dream of Teilhard de Chardin.


• In Listening for Future’s Call, a response to Greg Bear’s novels, Darwin’s Radio and Darwin’s Children, Lorna Derksen invites us to imagine the continuing and hopeful evolution of human consciousness.
• Linda Tiessen Wiebe in Searching It Out: Mystic Modernism looks at the history of learning to understand the connections between science and mysticism in response to Rudolph Steiner’s Mystics After Modernism.


• Bev Patterson and Linda Tiessen Wiebe describe how their love of nature prompted wildly creative birthday parties in A Jungle Party and An Elephant Birthday.
• In Stargazing: Inspiration for Reconnecting with the Spirit, Lyle Penner recounts the evocative experience of gazing heavenward and finding the mystery of God’s unfolding Love.
• Dave and Erik Berg and Lorna Derksen adapted Jennifer Morgan's Born With A Bang as a slideshow for Fall, 2003 retreat.
• Lyle, Lydia and Joel Penner adapted Jennifer Morgan'sFrom Lava To Life as a slideshow for our Fall, 2003 retreat.
• Lydia Penner reviews In His Own Words, by Morrie Schwartz, in response to our mythic movie pick for February 2004, Tuesdays with Morrie.

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