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A change of consciousness, an awareness of Divine unconditional love, shared lives in community: all of these developments free our fearful selves to recognize day by day the truth of Spirit’s presence.

Perhaps in reading Watershed Online’s Spring 2003 edition, we can learn with Bruteau that, “everything is marvelous, because everything is God’s doing; nothing is ordinary or tedious or banal or trivial or unworthy of notice or care… Whatever you’re doing, it is worship, it is divine expression, and it is joy.” We’d love to hear how joy meets your life in the everyday moments too. Join us on our messageboards.


• In The Price of Pretension, an excerpt from his work-in-progress Beauty of the Beast, Arthur Paul Patterson fictionalizes aspects of Robert Louis Stevenson’s life that may have influenced his writing of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Walking Through my Life follows Cal Wiebe on his weekly walk as he reflects on nature’s mediation of Spirit.
• We invite you to respond to Faith and Conservation, a guest opinion piece that points to the sacramentality of nature while discussing the relationship between religious faith and care for the earth.


• Lyle Penner and Lorna Derksen share thoughts on their adventures with randomly giving away their books…to readers they’ll never know. Follow their journeys in Sharing my Book Friends with Strangers and My BookCrossing Adventure.
• In The Last Wine, Linda Tiessen Wiebe reviews Joanne Harris’ Blackberry Wine, a novel that follows the life of Jay, struggling writer and cynic, as he rediscovers the presence of Spirit through a simple gift of homemade wine.
• Lydia Penner recommends Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat’s Spiritual Literacy: Reading the Sacred in Everyday Life as she reviews this collection of spiritual vignettes. Slippers, special places and service are among the many topics through which Spirit’s presence is explored.


• In Birds and Being guest writer Graham Warne describes the wonder and yearning for freedom evoked through bird watching.
• Returning guest writer William R. Stimson finds a gateway to joy in About a Garlic Clove on a Thursday Morning.
• Lyle Penner presents a book proposal for A Vision Runs Through It, a historical reflection on Watershed Community’s spiritual journey - from resource centre to church to intentional community.
• Bev Patterson and Lorna Derksen explore their love of the domestic arts in Cooking with Spirit and Household Prisoner or Domestic Artist?


• In A Reading List, readers from Watershed Community share their top book picks from 2002.
• Joel Penner reviews the very extra-ordinary life of Harry Potter in the second book of J. K. Rowling‘s series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


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