This letter commends you on your excellent imagination in conceiving of a Folio Club literary group. As you once wrote:

The Tales are supposed to be read at table by the eleven members of a literary club, and are followed by the remarks of the company upon each. These remarks are intended as a burlesque upon criticism, to abolish Literature, subvert the Press, and overturn the Government of Nouns and Pronouns.

A group of twelve poor souls have recently gathered in this obscure northern city in the Dominion of Canada to follow your call towards mystery and imagination. To meet regularly and discuss the merits of different tales is surely, as you have already discovered, a most gratifying method of discerning the author's intent. Moreover, we are finding ourselves discovered by you, the sophist of the human condition that you are. Educating through horror is a truly subversive conception!

Allow us to expound on ourselves, a motley crew of readers, in the hopes that you will be encouraged by our endeavors. We meet every fortnight, at the dying hour of the dying week. Each of us was chosen by a tale particular to our circumstance and conscience. We sift our alotted tale, until we begin to discern how device and word, in a unity of effect, open the portals and pull back the veil. We search for:

• historical or biographical context
• criticism of the tale (themes, characters, genre, symbols)
• personal application

It is in beginning to understand how each tale speaks to that particular person that we are discovering a more profound application for this "condition called living". As we open ourselves to your art, we discover ourselves humored, cajoled, ridiculed, hunted, walled in, writhing, pierced, wailing, drooling, rescued, released, and on the whole, fully confronted.

These last months have been very enlightening for many of us. Indeed your ability to terrorize the heart in order to free the mind to comprehend life more deeply is unsurpassed. To begin to fathom the dark, murky recesses of the human soul and see therewithal the glimmerings of eternal truth and beauty. Ah that is divine genius! Our only regret is that we have not nearly approximated the devotion your painstaking literature, as all great literature surely, requires. We ask your forebearance and forgiveness. And we humbly invite you to browse through the thoughts you have inspired.

We Are Yours Most Sincerely,
Watershed Folio Club

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