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As our community is being formed by the Fisherfolk symbol, many of us have started meditation practises with sacred text. Arthur Paul Patterson blends his love of images with his reading meditation to share with us Classic Cards. We hope, like classic icons, these meditations can be guides for your spiritual journey.

Soul's Soil - 04/08/2005

Origen's allegorical method reminds me of a lot of Fowler's Stages Of Faith or Beck's Spiral Dynamics, or any other developmental theory. Moving from Flesh to Soul to Spirit is precisely what Ken Wilber talks about when he says that our consciousness develops from the eye of the flesh, to the eye of the soul, and on to the eye of the Spirit. The way in which we appropriate and act upon what we hear in scripture is undoubtedly a product of our conscious development and spiritual growth...

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Philosopher Saint - 03/22/2005

The Apostle Paul called himself a person born out of time (1 Corinthians 15:8). He wished that he'd have been born earlier and come to maturity during the time of Jesus' ministry; he longed to know his master intimately and firsthand. Conversely, Origen of Alexandria seems to have been born precisely at the right time for his world. His genius came slamming into world history five years after Commodus (of Gladiator fame), the reprobate son of Marcus Aurelius, began his infamous reign which led to the destruction of Rome. Edward Gibbon the famous Roman philosopher said that the century proceeding Commodus' reign was the longest time of peace and prosperity that the world had ever known. It was followed by years of tyranny and decline with only short breaths of peace...

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Circle of Trust - 02/02/2005

I have been drawn to the gospel of Luke, partly because we will be studying it, but also because Luke seems to be a gospel addressed to those interested in a universal perspective and in communication with culture. As it happens, my reading for the day came from Chapter 7, the healing of the centurion's slave....

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