Ideas That Are Sprouting

Our life in community is shaped by study and the struggle to apply what we learn to our everyday lives. Sometimes these applications present themselves when we are challenged by our weaknesses. Sometimes conversations from Wednesday study nights "grow legs", making us want to dig them deeper. Or it could be that we find ourselves reflecting theologically on movies we watch. Each of the following blogs tries to be faithful to a seed of the Spirit like this, planted in a person's life. Follow along to see where they will grow.

Last Updated November, 2012

Where Was God In My Day?

"You are getting so good at this habit of emotional thinking. Why don't you try something new – instead of the automatic catastrophic way of thinking, why not ask yourself, 'Where was God in your day?'" This was life changing advice for Lydia Penner, prompting her to write this blog.

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Seriously, Truthfully But Not Literally

If we no longer see the bible as perfectly accurate in all things scientific, historical, moral, can it still be a spiritual guide for our lives? If it isn't literally true, is it true at all? These are some of the questions Paul Patterson explores in his blog as he reads through Borg's Reading The Bible Again For The First Time.
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Monkey Movies

Some say TV is just a gimic for advertising. But with discerning eyes, you can suss out some great writing and stories. Bev (a.k.a. The Chimp) reviews movies and documentaries with meaning, giving a sense of characters, mythic story lines and a heads-up on gratuitous violence or sexuality.

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Catching a Glimpse

Six years ago a group of friends started meeting every other month to explore amateur photography. Our outings evolved to include both a technical and reflective side. Technically, we learn to take pictures, as we explore what is possible in photography. And a simultaneous reflective exercise helps us learn to see.

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West End Movie Group

This group started in 2008 as a way to explore questions of faith and meaning through watching films. Movies can focus you on what really matters in life. Films are interpretations on life, and they ask us to engage in the task of interpretation in order to mine their depths.

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