Ralph Waldo Emerson: A Visionary Life


Emerson was a profound American Transcendentalist essayist and poet from the nineteenth century whose words still speak deeply into our struggles to live with personal integrity. Emerson called upon his listeners to intuitively and passionately see the unity in all of life - to have a first-hand relationship with reality. What did Emerson really mean and how can we integrate his work in our own quest for meaning? Join us as we attempt to find out.

Emerson's Harvard Divinity Address

A response by Arthur Paul Patterson to Emerson's controversial "Graduates, Get a Life" address to the 1838 class of Harvard Divinity School.

Hippies, Hindus and Transcendentalists

A commentary on Emerson's essay The Transcendentalist in which he describes seekers as those who find the "source of spiritual certainty in the subtle intuition of the beyond".

Shedding the Husks of Dogma

A comparison of Emerson's brand of Transcendentalism and an evolving Watershed spirituality.

An Interview with Richard Geldard

Watershed Online editor Arthur Paul Patterson interviews Emerson scholar Richard Geldard.

The Snow Storm by Emerson

A landscape inspired poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Online Course/Links

An Emerson Online Course

An overview of the Ralph Waldo Emerson study course taken by the local Watershed Community in the late '90s.

The Bird Story / Waldo & Henry: A Dialogue

Responses written by students of the Watershed Community Emerson course.

Selected Quotations from "Self-Reliance"

A selection of famous and not-so-famous quotes from Emerson's "Self-Reliance" essay.

Emerson's Life Chronology

A short chronology of Emerson's life.

An Emersonian Glossary

A list of definitions of some terms often used by Ralph Waldo Emerson .

Emerson Links on the Net

A selected list of Emerson related sites around the Web.

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