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Astonishing Elephant, The
Crisis in Islam, The

Dante Club, The
Girl With A Pearl Earring
God After Darwin
Lovely Bones
Man Who Was Thursday, The
Mercy Among the Children
Voyage of the Northern Magic

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Alexander, Shana.The Astonishing Elephant.

Alexander is a journalist whose love of elephants started when she covered the first elephant birth in captivity at the Portland, Oregon zoo in 1962. Since then she has followed elephant (more)

Chesterton, G. K. The Man Who Was Thursday.

I wanted to read this book because Frederick Buechner in Speak What We Feel describes The Man Who Was Thursday as a novel that risks telling the truth in ways that few novels do. (more)

Chevalier, Tracy. Girl With A Pearl Earring.

This is a story about a girl in a 17th century painting by Johannes Vermeer. Vermeer painted only 35 paintings in his short life (more)

Haught, John F. God After Darwin: A Theology of

After Brian Swimme’s The Canticle of the Cosmos and PBS’ Evolution series, this was a great book to cap off our summer cosmology course. Haught’s title is taken from how some people have described the theory of evolution: Darwin’s dangerous idea.(more)

Lewis, Bernard. The Crisis of Islam: Holy War and Unholy Terror.

In light of September 11, the war on terror and an apparently biased media, it’s pretty confusing for the average person to make sense out of the what’s happening in the Middle East right now.(more)

Pearl, Matthew. The Dante Club.

I loved reading this book; the suspense, characters and context unfurled like a sunning cat into my imagination. The gruesome murders are Stephen King-creepy, probably much like in Dante’s Inferno. (more)

Richards, David Adams. Mercy Among the Children.

I found this book, set in a poor rural Maritime town, hard to read. It was very bleak, like a grey winter day on the prairies, and with each chapter, just when I thought the plight of the main characters couldn't get worse, it get worse. It begged for mercy.(more)

Sawyer, Robert. Hominids/Humans/Hybrids: The Neanderthal Parallax Trilogy.

This trilogy brings together the parallel but completely different worlds of Homo sapiens and Neanderthals. When a quantum-computing experiment goes wrong, physicist Ponter Boddit is transported from... (more)

Seybold, Alice. Lovely Bones.

A 14-year-old girl is raped and murdered, and then becomes the narrator of this story of healing, both for her shattered family and for herself... (more)

Stuemer, Diane. The Voyage of the Northern Magic: A Family Odyssey.

After reading a review of this "armchair travel" book in the Winnipeg Free Press, I was hooked. The novel is the true account of a Canadian couple who are... (more)