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Welcome to the Watershed Book Cafe. This is a place put together for and by booklovers. Reading is a fascinating activity. A realtionship forms between author and reader, via the imagination. We enter a world of characters and ideas and catch glimpses of our inner life. Reading satisfies the soul. We hope you enjoy browsing.

Last Updated November, 2012

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Eat This Book

The Bible has become a lifeline for me. It has pulled me away from dead-end ways of thinking and has given me new direction more times than I can count. It has kept me tethered to meaning and purpose, but it certainly wasn't always that way.

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How The Bible Came To Be

Like most people, I grew up in a family that owned a hefty, king-sized, King James family Bible. Ours had a slightly padded beige cover with gold-embossed lettering and gilded-edged pages. It included wonderful artwork, maps and pages where you could insert details of your family tree. I enjoyed reading the names, birth dates and anniversaries that my mother had entered. It was obvious to me that the Bible was given special status, and although we rarely read it, I understood that the contents were revered and authoritative.

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A Response To Heaven

Lisa Miller's 'Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife' gives us readers an extremely entertaining, educative and vulnerable exploration into the plethora of views regarding heaven.

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