Watershed at the Brink

of a New Decade

Lord of community,
Master chef of liturgical feasts and potluck communion,
Reliable and wise helper,
Endower of soul friends who know me
And remind me constantly of Your face,
Thank you for such as it is the gift of Watershed.

I have made up a morning prayer to You,
Aiming to say what most matters.
“Thank you”, the thing begins,
It has been 25 years in the making.

You have come to our rescue again and again,
In our impassable, sometimes despairing years.
Like a good parent You have allowed us to make mistakes
And we are still here, very weak but strong in Your love,
Growing in gratitude as we are bathed daily in Your mercy.

We have no idea what the next decade will bring
Or what You have in store for us,
Sickness or health,
The grist of difficulties and failure or the grace of easy times,
But we know that You have plans for our hope and a future.

Whatever lies ahead Lord,
Make us ever mindful that we are never separate from You,
And fill us with faith that everything on our paths
Is welcome in Your kingdom.
May we stand forever at attention
For any Your least instructions or enlightenment.
We feel sure You will assist us again and again,
Master of Watershed,
Healer of our souls.


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