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The discipline of writing has helped me "take another look" at what crosses my path, speaking to me in a deeper voice and bringing life back to my eyes. My hope is that as you read poems, mine or anyone's, you too will share in the gift of wakefulness…(more)

A True Story

In March 2007, Watershed met to discuss Big Fish. It is the story of a father who loved telling tales, and of his son who hated hearing those stories because he never knew what was true. The movie tells of how the son, Will, comes home as his father is dying and learns the true story behind everything. I wondered what the son Will Bloom would have prayed to God, were he a praying man, as his father died. What confession and supplication did his father’s death draw out of him? (to poem)

The Kingdom of Fools

In October 2006, Watershed met on a Sunday morning to reflect on the passage Mark 9:30-37. In it, Jesus’ disciples were arguing about which of them would be the greatest in Jesus’ new kingdom, and instead of taking their questions seriously, Jesus toppled everyone’s thinking by blessing a child. This poem askes the question "What would it look like if I were last instead of first?" (to poem

Thin Line of Glory

In February 2006, Watershed met to watch and discuss the movie Thin Red Line. In it we saw the hell of war, and through the Ignatian exercises we were to contemplate where God is in the hell of our world. We experience hellishness in our compulsions, but were reminded that we usually don’t dig our hells deep enough. We need to see what we’re going through as a spiritual war, with the cross as centre. (to poem)

Hearts Set Free

This poem needs no introduction. (to poem

Haiku for a New Year

Written on New Year's Day 2007, remembering the previous year's lessons. (to poem

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