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If you're a regular visitor you will notice that we have redesigned our site. In prairie colloquialism, familiar to some of us Manitobans, we just finished "painting the barn." We hope that our site is more accessible and pleasant to look at, but more importantly, we anticipate that the design change will allow you to see some of the deeper transformations in our local community.

Our design, unbarn-like, is aquatic and firmly grounded in our Watershed name. We continue to hope that Watershed Online will set the reader on the cusp of informed decision-making regarding spiritual formation. Living communities evolve over time and sometimes they need to reach back in order to move forward.

Looking back, our community in an early form adopted the foundational image of a Cornerstone. The image served us well but all images are temporary. Cornerstone cracked open and out came the idea of Watershed; it's a less fixed image, more process-oriented and fluid. Watershed has made a bit of an image change of late - to that of fishing.

Fish are symbols of the deep unconscious but also of Christian tradition. To be progressive in our spiritual formation, our self-awareness must be connected to the guidance of our spiritual source. One metaphor of moving from unconsciousness to spirituality is that of Fisherfolk. When the symbol first dawned on us it was a bit off-putting because it can imply a conversionist perspective, that is, standing in some privileged position, hauling others "less enlightened" into our little boat. A revised and deeper meaning of Fisherfolk suggests that we are all fish and fishers - people who have been lifted up through the guidance of Spirit and others, and who seek to gratefully share what has happened to us. Whether you come from the same tradition as our local community or not, we invite you to continue to join us in expressing our spiritual life through literature, community and spirituality.

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